What Is Adobe Acrobat Exchange?

What Is Adobe Acrobat Exchange?

A print-centric world is fast changing. Consumers now not only value great design, but also want access to convenient and timely content. This presents a major problem for publishers that must now make their content available to a variety of users on multiple devices at any given time. To solve this, many publishing entities have created a solution called Adobe Acrobat Exchange. CC readers will recognize Acrobat as the same program used to read and edit PDF files. The exchange solution is much more than that, however. It’s an entire ecosystem composed of multiple programs designed to simplify the process of sharing digital content with other users. In this article we’ll explore what Acrobat Exchange is, how it works, some of its benefits and potential drawbacks for businesses using it.

What Is Adobe Acrobat Exchange?

The goal of Acrobat Exchange is to allow users to read and edit content from any device using only one software program.Adobe’s Exchange Server creates a “cloud” capable of storing and sharing digital files. It uses a “common” format that allows users to read and edit content on any device. The shared format assures that whatever device is used to edit content will be able to read it on other devices.

Why Use Acrobat Exchange?

– Ad-Free Access to Content – One of the biggest benefits of Acrobat Exchange is the removal of ads on digital content. If you publish both print and digital content, then you understand how frustrating it is to have to include ads in the digital version. Acrobat Exchange’s cloud-based system is ad-free. Users don’t need to worry about banner ads, pop-ups or other annoying factors associated with old-fashioned advertising. This is great for readers, but even better for publishers because it removes fees from digital content.

Advantages of Adobe Acrobat Exchange

– Very Easy To Integrate – As we mentioned above, one of the benefits of Adobe Acrobat Exchange is the ability to use a single application to read and edit content. Because users only need one application to read and edit content, it’s a great choice for organizations that use a single software program for content collaboration. You might be surprised how many businesses do that. In the fast-paced digital world, the ability to share content among multiple individuals or teams can be incredibly important.

Disadvantages of Adobe Acrobat Exchange

– Requires Investment in Hardware – The most obvious disadvantage of Acrobat Exchange is that it requires investment in hardware. This means purchasing a server and having someone manage it. The benefits of this system are significant enough that it’s worth the investment. Still, if your company doesn’t use digital content, then it may not be the best solution for your organization. – Need a Professional – Because users have to have a working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, the program used to read and edit content, some companies may hesitate to use the system. Acrobat Exchange is most effective when used by professionals who understand how it works. By creating custom content or publishing content on a regular basis, you can gain experience in this ecosystem.

Which Type Should You Use?

– To start with, we recommend you try out the “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.” This includes Adobe Acrobat, the server and everything you need to get started with Acrobat Exchange. – When you’re ready to upgrade to Acrobat Pro or Enterprise, don’t worry. Your existing Acrobat Server will work just fine. You can simply switch from the “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite” to the “Adobe Pro Digital Publishing Suite.”

Final Words

We hope this article has shed some light on what Acrobat Exchange is and how it works. As you can see, it’s a tool that not only makes it easy for users to read content, but for them to also edit it. With this solution, content can be managed and shared electronically. This eliminates the need for printed content and provides a faster way for users to get their content to others. Due to its ease of use and vast array of benefits, Acrobat Exchange is a popular option among digital publishers. If you have any questions about it or would like to get started using it, feel free to contact us.

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