Trust Your Stars: The Most Reliable Review Platforms

Amidst the boom of internet services all around the world, we are presented with a wide variety and options to choose from. This, along with providing an instant dopamine rush there, is also a dilemma and problem of choice that the audiences face. This is where online reviews enter the big picture. We here have the ultimate guide to ace online reviews and help website enthusiasts and brand marketers decide the best online review platforms.

What Is A Review Platform?

Review platforms enable users to share their first-hand experiences and feedback regarding the product or service with fellow internet users. In a broad spectrum, digital word of mouth works wonders, and these specific platforms amplify the user’s reviews, which indirectly helps new potential customers. Also, the more buzz a product creates online it boosts the brand visibility and gives out a positive image to the audience.

Moreover, the game online is all about image building and garnering positive responses from people. Review platforms assist in giving the required launching pad a business/company needs. Thus, including these reviews with your website design and multiple social media handles can be fruitful. Let us look at some of the ways to get more reviews.

How To Get More Reviews?

The consumer is the king as we go by this in this online reviews spectrum. Also, happy customers will be interested in sharing their experiences with the world. However, these below-mentioned methods can definitely boost your existing streams of reviews.

1. Ask your customers:

The first and easiest method is to ask your customers directly to leave a review once they are at the checkout point. This makes the customers easily and mindfully tells their genuine reviews, as later they might need to pay attention to it or forget due to some other work. Thus, it’s better to ask them for reviews directly once they avail of your brand’s services.

2. Include CTA:

You can include Call-To-Action on your brand websites and subsequent social handles. You can use efficient social media aggregator tools to embed this CTA block and adjust it according to your page preferences.

3. Follow-up Emails:

Lastly, ask your existing and active customers to spare a few minutes and leave a review through a follow-up email. Just make sure you attach a working link with the email.

Having seen how we can get more customer reviews, let us look at the benefits of customer reviews and add them to your business’s website and social media handles.

Benefits of Customer Reviews

There are multiple benefits of customer reviews, and we have curated a list of the best ones for our readers to get a good idea about the reviews and their significance. And further, the readers can decide the best online review platforms;

a). Improves SEO rankings:

Consumer reviews help in improving your brand’s SEO rankings. Reviews are a very evident form of User Generated Content. And nowadays, a brand’s visibility and popularity are measured through its SEO rankings.

b). Influences buying patterns:

Reviews of fellow consumers help influence and impact other potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Mostly, internet users seek validation and backup from the already existing reviews available regarding the product online before making up their minds to go ahead with the purchase.

c). Builds a channel of communication:

Online reviews help build an everlasting and enduring channel of communication between your brand and your newly acquired customers. The reviews pave the way for your customers to communicate and share their experiences with you and others. Customers also like to feel acknowledged and validated when the brand reverts to their reviews in gratitude. And the key to running a successful review chain is to keep the consumer feeling valued, and happy customers always come back to your brand.

Having briefly discussed the ways to stimulate more reviews online from your customers, let us look at our curated list of the best online review platforms.

The Prominent Review Platforms For Your Business:

These are some of the best online review platforms businesses can consider embedding their customer reviews from. And to make this task super easy and efficient, marketers and website enthusiasts can use optimal social media aggregator tools. These tools are specially designed to make the embedding experience better and more convenient. Also, the tools provide a dedicated review widget that can be altered and customized per the readers’ requirements.  These platforms are highly reputed and credible in nature. Although they all serve a specific purpose and cater to a different audience but are very proficient in driving your business to new extends.

1. Google Reviews:

One of the most trusted search engines across the internet spectrum is Google, and what drives more authenticity and trustworthiness than reviews being posted on this platform? Thus, it bagged the top position in our list of the best review platforms. You can seamlessly embed Google reviews on your brand website, and various social media handles to make your website stand apart from your competitors and come out as a credible brand.

2. Facebook Reviews:

Apart from bringing pals together from different parts of the world, Facebook is now becoming a new hub for reviews and ratings. With over 2 billion + active users visiting the platform monthly. Facebook reviews are very impactful and influential, as there are closed communities of like-minded people who value each other’s opinions and recommendations; once you embed Facebook reviews on your website adds to its increased popularity and presence online.

3. Yelp Reviews:

Yet another upcoming and buzzing review platform is Yelp, which is considered worthwhile by millions. Embed Yelp reviews into your website design to enhance its reach beyond the imagined limits. We have included Yelp reviews because the platform is very promising in impacting users’ purchasing decisions.

4. Airbnb Reviews:

Last but not least, we have the hotel and stay giant Airbnb. Where else would you look up to for extremely trustworthy and credible stays Airbnb reviews help your audience to make better decisions and choose the most appropriate stays? Thus, we advise you to embed Airbnb reviews on your websites, and respective social media handles to make your brand more visible and popular online.


We live in the times of the internet, where most all around the world, we as customers are offered a wide variety of things to choose from. Online reviews solve this problem of choice very efficiently. Thus, we have put forth a list of the best online review platforms for our readers to choose from and attract more potential customers to their brand websites and social media handles.

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