Top Skill: 5 Essential Pieces of AFL Training Equipment

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The Australian Football League (AFL) is a professional-level Australian rules football competition involving teams of 18 players on the field. The sport is played with an oval ball and two larger sticks, known as the Essendon or Footscray Football Club’s guernsey, which were both formed in 1858 and are among Australia’s oldest sporting clubs. The match is played at various levels across Australia and occasionally New Zealand.

The AFL has always been a game that requires high levels of fitness to play well – what better way to train your body than to use some of these amazing pieces of equipment? Here are some pieces of training gear to help you find your ultimate AFL performance!

The Essendon Football Club’s Guernsey

This is a must-have for any AFL player. The guernsey is a long-sleeved, tight-fitting garment with vertical stripes on the front and back. This is a perfect piece of gear to wear during your pre-game warm up in order to get the blood flowing through your system.

The Footscray Football Club’s Guernsey

The Footscray Football Club’s guernsey was formed in 1858, making it one of the oldest clubs in Australia. The guernsey has been worn by many famous players and is still worn today by the current Essendon Football Club. The guernsey is made up of a white V-neck jumper and black shorts, with a thick red square on the front, being the only red that can be found on the guernsey.

It is known as jumper number 1, or jumper number 2 – because, traditionally, there were two jumpers back when it was first created.

The guernsey’s main features are an elastic band at the top for a supporter to hold onto, and black arm patches which show where each player plays their position on the field; these patches have always been rectangular but now have a curved line at each side to allow for more detail.

This piece of training gear not only helps you improve your skills on field but also is a reminder of one of Australia’s oldest sporting clubs!

Aussie Rules training equipment

AFL boots: Boots are an essential piece of equipment to use when playing football. They provide a protective layer between the foot and the ground, and also offer stability on the field. Wearing these boots will help you stay in control on the pitch, as well as provide protection for your feet.

AFL gloves: Gloves are another essential piece of equipment for AFL training. They protect your hands from injuries, so they’re not only helpful for keeping you safe, but also keep you in control of the ball!

It provides a great deal of protection and comfort, making it an ideal addition to your training kit.


A lot of the equipment used in the AFL is quite unique to this sport.

AFL players are often seen wearing some pretty strange looking gear. It can sometimes be hard to know what equipment is needed for the sport, so here’s a list of the essentials.

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