Top 7 Booking Apps and Software You Should Use!

One of the most difficult challenges that business owners face is balancing productivity and staying organized. You can never be sure about missing an important meeting because of how much you have on your plate. If you have not already, now is the time to start using reliable appointment booking applications!

Appointment booking apps are web-based solutions that use a calendar interface to invite or communicate with others.  They also eliminate the chances of a double-booking and reduce most of the redundant back-and-forth that occurs when several parties plan meeting schedules.

These apps are available in desktop and mobile versions, allowing you to book appointments on the way to the dentists or in your office! Hawaiian Tel internet plans offer you the ideal internet speed to download and use these appointments to book your appointments and schedule meetings efficiently.

Check out 7 of our favorite appointment booking apps you should download right away!

  • Calendly

Calendly’s online booking system is an excellent tool for people who want to connect with many team members. It comes with several unique features like one-on-one meetings, round-robin, and collective. Furthermore, the custom meeting link makes it super simple to invite others on a day and time of their choosing.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular CRM platform that makes for a perfect calendar solution too! You can try out the free “lite” plan, and premium HubSpot users can use the full-featured scheduling tool for free. It’s a fantastic solution because of the variety of templates you get access to!

  • Appointlet

It’s the perfect scheduling solution for everyone working in a fast-paced environment, especially salespeople! Appointlet allows you to deliver customizable booking pages to clients and prospects. It also easily integrates with your existing online platforms like email lists and websites. For casual users, the free-forever option might suffice, but the paid subscription covers field customization, Zoom customization, and limitless bookings. Hawaiian Telcom can link you up with the perfect internet plan for seamless integration.

The monthly plans for this online scheduling tool start at $8. It works with Google Calendar, Leadpages, Office 365, Unbounce, Zapier, Wishpond, and other services

  • Calendar

Calendar is a good choice if you want to combine all of your calendars on your desktop and phone – for example, Google Calendar, Apple’s iCal, and Outlook. It streamlines scheduling, syncs seamlessly across all devices, and the premium version adds meeting transcriptions. 

The AI feature, which monitors your calendar and automates some of your activities and tasks without your input is what makes this app one of the best scheduling apps on this list. In addition, you will learn about important statistics about how you spend your time. The premium version costs around $6 per month, with a free limited version available as well.

  • Bookafy

Bookafy offers many of the same features as the other options on our list that you would want in a scheduling app such as time zone detection linked calendars and scheduling guidelines. This streamlined approach ensures that anyone scheduling a meeting with any department or executive, such as a customer seeking IT assistance, gets facetime with them. You can personalize Bookafy by picking the color, theme, and template of your forms. 

The Pro plan costs $7 per month, while the Pro+ plan costs $11 per month.

  • is a top choice amongst those with a global customer base because it allows them to book online meetings in 32 different languages. It also connects with over 20 payment processing apps, ensuring that you get paid right on time. 

You get to choose your industry to view pre-loaded default fields for different professions like consultants, beauticians, and others. Plus have a look at all of the reporting tools that include a summary of your appointment statistics as well as a log of Text reminders. Monthly subscriptions range from free to $59 per month.

  • Dubsado

Dubsado’s scheduling tools are as appealing as they are effective. It manages project management, invoicing, and reporting. You can collect booking fees while making appointments, attach paperwork to appointment confirmations, and extend your meeting slots with this platform. 

It also connects with the majority of tools available and avoids overscheduling with the help of minimum notice settings. Dubsado offers a 30-day free trial of their whole suite, after which it costs $35 per month or $350 per year.

To Wrap It Up

Picking a scheduling app depends on your needs. Each of these 7 apps can help you stay on top of your schedule with a ton of top-notch booking and scheduling features!

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