The 3 Best Alternatives to 123Movies

In a world where online streaming has become the norm for entertainment, platforms like 123Movies have gained immense popularity. However, due to legal concerns and the changing landscape of online content consumption, many are seeking alternatives to fulfill their streaming needs. This article explores the three best alternatives to 123Movies that offer a wide range of content and user-friendly experiences.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Look for Alternatives to 123Movies
  3. Criteria for Selecting Alternatives
  4. Top 3 Alternatives to 123Movies
    1. Option 1: Popcorn Time
    2. Option 2: Putlocker Revisited
    3. Option 3: SolarMovie
  5. How to Access and Use These Alternatives
  6. Benefits of Using Legitimate Streaming Platforms
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs


In the era of digital entertainment, online streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume movies and TV shows. 123Movies, once a popular choice among viewers, has faced its share of legal challenges and content restrictions. This article delves into the reasons for seeking alternatives and provides a comprehensive list of the three best options available.

Why Look for Alternatives to 123Movies

123Movies, known for its vast collection of movies and shows, has encountered copyright issues and legal concerns over the years. Accessing copyrighted content without proper licensing can lead to legal consequences for both the platform and its users. As a result, users are now on the lookout for legitimate and safe alternatives that provide a similar streaming experience.

Criteria for Selecting Alternatives

When searching for viable alternatives to 123Movies, several key criteria come into play. These include a diverse and updated content library, user-friendly interface, video quality, device compatibility, and adherence to copyright laws. The alternatives chosen for this article meet these criteria effectively.

Top 3 Alternatives to 123Movies

Option 1: Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and extensive content library. It offers a seamless streaming experience, allowing users to watch their favorite movies and shows instantly. However, similar to 123Movies, Popcorn Time may raise legal concerns due to its questionable sources of content.

Option 2: Putlocker Revisited

Putlocker Revisited emerges as a refreshed version of the original Putlocker platform. With improved security measures and a wider range of content, this alternative provides users with an array of entertainment options. It’s crucial to note that Putlocker Revisited also walks a fine line in terms of copyright compliance.

Option 3: SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another notable alternative, boasting an extensive collection of movies and TV series across various genres. Its intuitive interface and search functionality make it a user-friendly option. Despite its user base, SolarMovie’s legality remains questionable in many jurisdictions.

How to Access and Use These Alternatives

Accessing and using these alternatives is relatively straightforward. Users can visit the respective websites of Popcorn Time, Putlocker Revisited, and SolarMovie. Upon accessing the platform, they can browse through the available content, select their desired movie or show, and begin streaming. It’s important to exercise caution and consider the legal implications of accessing copyrighted material.

Benefits of Using Legitimate Streaming Platforms

Opting for legitimate streaming platforms offers several advantages. First and foremost, it ensures compliance with copyright laws, mitigating the risk of legal troubles. Legitimate platforms also provide high-quality video and audio, along with a more stable streaming experience. Additionally, supporting legal streaming services contributes to the growth of the entertainment industry.


While 123Movies may have been a go-to platform for online streaming, its legal issues have prompted users to explore alternatives. Popcorn Time, Putlocker Revisited, and SolarMovie stand out as three of the best options. However, it’s crucial to remember that the legality of these alternatives is still debated, and users should proceed with caution.


1. Are these alternatives completely legal? While these alternatives offer a wide range of content, their legal status varies by jurisdiction. It’s important to research the laws in your region before using them.

2. Do these alternatives require a subscription? No, these alternatives typically offer free streaming. However, some may offer premium features through paid subscriptions.

3. Are there any risks associated with using these alternatives? Yes, using platforms with questionable legal status may expose you to copyright infringement and legal repercussions.

4. Can I access these platforms on mobile devices? Yes, most of these platforms are accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

5. How can I ensure a safe streaming experience? To ensure a safe experience, consider using a reliable VPN to protect your online activities and personal information.

Remember, while these alternatives provide options for streaming, being informed about the potential risks is essential before diving into the world of online entertainment.

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