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Filipinos are known for their love of social gatherings. We are a very social people and the camaraderie that comes from getting together with friends and family to share experiences is one of the things that makes life so great. Entertaining should not be an intimidating or challenging task, but rather an opportunity to show your guests how much you care about them by making them feel as special as they make you feel. Whether you have just moved to the city and don’t know many people yet or if you’ve lived there for many years, it’s always a good idea to host get-togethers with family and friends. These types of gatherings help break the ice and establish connection with new people, while also providing an opportunity for old acquaintances to catch up on what everyone has been up to since they last saw each other. If you are planning on having a get-together in the near future, this article is going to give you insights on how to throw the most memorable party ever!

Create a Focal Point

A focal point is nothing more than a special element or decoration that provides the focus of a gathering. This can be anything from a centerpiece on the table to a special piece of artwork hanging on the wall. The key to having a focal point is that it should be the main thing that the host is looking at during the entire party. This will make it possible for others to get a glimpse of what’s going on without having to squint. A great focal point can also be a wall hanging that holds meaning for the host, or a decorative piece that was a gift from a loved one. A party is only half of the equation unless it is being led by a host who has taken the time to make it a memorable experience. You may have the best food, the most amazing decorations, and the most entertaining people, but if you don’t have a focal point, you will have a party that is simply a series of memories. A focal point is something that catches the eyes of all who enter the room and makes them take notice, both of you and of the experience that is happening at that moment.

Play Music & Have a DJ

There has never been a better time to have a get-together with friends or family in the Philippines. With the advent of social media, and all the interesting things that Filipinos love to do, it’s never been easier to meet new people. Online networking sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to find fellow Filipinos who share your interests. When it comes to music, it’s important to keep in mind the culture and age of your guests. Young people tend to be more open to alternative and hip hop genres while older adults are more traditional and prefer the classic sounds. When it comes to playing music during your get-together, you can choose to have one of the speakers playing a mix of different types of music or have a DJ play all the music for the entire night.

Know When to Bring out the Guest of Honor

When does it make sense to bring out the guest of honor? This is a very important question to ask yourself, since it will dictate how the rest of the party goes. The guest of honor should always be the first to be introduced, but the introduction should happen before the actual eating and drinking begins. Once the guest of honor is introduced, the rest of the guests can be introduced in the traditional order of their relationship to the host, starting with the oldest. The best way to know when it is time to bring out the guest of honor is when someone at the party has a special connection with the host. This could be as simple as a distant relative or as complex as a close friend. If you see that a guest has a specific connection to the host, you should always go ahead and bring them out.

Serve Finger Food or Lighter Fare

This is a common dilemma that hosts face. Should I serve finger food or have a heavier meal? When it comes to your get-together, you should serve something that the guests can easily enjoy and leave full, while also satisfying their taste buds. There is nothing wrong with serving finger foods like chips and pretzel sticks, pizza slices, or hot dog buns. These light foods can easily be eaten on their own, with a drink, or with a side of dips. Serving finger foods will help to keep your guests full and satisfied, making it easier for you to handle the amount of people that you invited. However, if you want to make your party more memorable, then you should always consider serving a meal. This will not only make it easier for you to handle more people, but it will also allow your guests to spend more time together, enjoying each other’s company.

Finish with a Sweet Treat

After the party is over, you should always end it with a sweet treat. At an earlier stage in the gathering, it can be better to pair this dessert with coffee or tea, but once the party is over, you can always have someone bring out a cake or cupcakes. What better way to end a great party than with a sweet treat? It’s always great to have a few sweet treats around to help guests cool off or to give out to the people who attend. You can also serve sweet treats at the end of a gathering if you are planning on having a bigger celebration in the near future. This will give your guests something to look forward to after the party is over, and it will also serve as a reminder of the great get-together that just took place.


The most important thing to remember when throwing a get-together is to have fun. This will not only make your party more memorable, but it will also help to make all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable during the event. When it comes to throwing a great party, there are many aspects that can be improved upon, but the real difference maker is the host. A great host will take the time to welcome everyone to the party, help to create a focal point, play music and/or have a DJ, serve finger foods or a meal, and end the party with sweet treats. These are the basics, but they are the key factors that will make your party truly memorable. With these tips in mind, you will be able to throw a get-together that is exciting, engaging, and most importantly, memorable!

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