Pentagon Microchip Co. Develops Virus Detecting Chip

When the Pentagon was looking for better ways to detect and neutralize viruses, it found a solution in the form of a microchip.

What is a virus?

A virus is a parasite that spreads when it copies itself to other computer files and computer programs. Viruses come in all shapes and sizes, but they primarily function by making copies of themselves to infect new files. With the invention of this device, the Pentagon has found a solution to the problem of viruses, but more importantly, it has found an alternative to using antivirus software.When this occurs, antivirus software does not detect and disable viruses fast enough for them to get through before impacting business operations.

The Pentagon’s plan to better protect against viruses

This new chip is a part of the Pentagon’s plan to better protect against viruses.This new technology will allow the United States to detect more viruses and defend itself against them before they spread further.

The Pentagon isn’t the only one looking for solutions to this problem; many other major corporations are working on devices that will help prevent these viruses from becoming contagious in the first place.

How the chip works

It works by analyzing the system and detecting a virus, then sending an alert to the proper party before disabling it.

The Pentagon Microchip Company has worked on developing this solution for nearly two decades and plans to release it commercially next year.

The Pentagon’s plans to use the chip in military vehicles.

The Pentagon’s plans to use the chip in military vehicles include using it in Air Force One when there is an outbreak of computer viruses so that President Trump does not have to worry about falling prey to a virus attack.

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