How to Remove a Tree in a Time of Crisis

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So it is with natural disasters. In a time of crisis, people act in ways that help them feel more secure and better prepared for the stress of other life events. Maintaining a high degree of personal preparedness means having an awareness of your vulnerabilities and being able to recognize when you are in danger or facing something that requires personal strength. Even though we tend to rationalize at home during times of calm, the reality is that the instinctive tendency to become overprotective can flare up again when things go bump in the night. If you live alone and fear for your safety, getting down on your hands and knees and crawling through a window after hours is probably not going to be helpful when there’s a tornado warning. Fortunately, there are ways to ease into panic mode without completely breaking down – especially if you have neighbors who will act as a strong anchor when others are falling apart. And even though it can be scary to think about it, isolationist living isn’t always appropriate in these situations – which is why having neighbors who can help each other cope when circumstances require it is so important. You never know when someone else may need your support: After all, our neighbors are our greatest source of support network — even if they do sometimes have

Make a list of your essential utility numbers

These might include electricity, gas, water, Internet, fire alarms, etc. If you’re not sure where to start, a good place to start is to make a checklist. Cross items off as you go when you’ve finished, and record what is left on the list. clandestinely recording your phone numbers and other important information with family and friends, you can feel better prepared in anticipation of a disaster.

Have a family member or two stay over

You never know when your family or friends will need you. Having a few extra people in the house during a crisis can help immensely. Having a few extra people around when you’re the only one home can be a really big stress reliever.

Try to be as physically active as you can

Our bodies were designed to move: The act of moving yourself and your body creates movement for your mind and spirit, too. Getting in shape while you’re still able to help to prevent depression and anxiety while improving your health and well-being. It also makes you feel really good about yourself.

Find some way to keep your mind busy

You don’t have to sit down for 10 hours every time there’s a crisis. You don’t have to sit through 6 Oscars. Even if you have to lie in bed for 2 hours and watch a movie, it will still be better than feeling worried and alone. There are lots of ways to spend your time when there’s no one else to spend time with and nothing to do.

Get your neighbors to take on some of their stress

When you have neighbors who are all struggling with their stresses, it’s much easier to help than if you’re all on your own. So instead of waiting for a crisis to bring out the rescuers, why not help others while you still can? Take on some of your stress by doing something that makes you feel happy and confident, like gardening, hiking, canning, or playing a sport you love. While you’re at it, why not call in a favor and lend a hand when you can?

Bottom line – What does it take to cope with a crisis?

Your sense of self-worth comes from something much deeper than your physical appearance. You are a beautiful and incredible woman who is capable of great things. Your self-worth is tied to how you feel inside; if you can feel happy and confident, then you are high-status and successful enough to handle whatever life brings. If you have ever worried or be afraid, you have probably felt low-priority, belittled, or inadequate. You can do this by connecting with your true values and feeling good about yourself, as well as what you do.

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