Go Liveaboard Diving in Komodo: 10 Tips For Travelers

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Dive in Komodo and you’ll see why this island is so well-known among dive enthusiasts worldwide.

Komodo is home to over 700 species of fish, 40 coral reefs, hundreds of sea turtles, and some of the most beautiful coral formations in the world. There are wrecks aplenty and it’s easy to spot a few turtles or rays while on the surface. The ocean floor isn’t long either. You can be down within an hour tops and back up within three hours if you’re staying overnight. That’s not to mention that you’ll find great diving conditions everywhere with temperature ranges from tropical to cold water depending on what season you visit. Here are ten tips for my fellow travelers before embarking on your next liveaboard dive trip in Komodo!

10 Tips For Travelers Planning To Go Liveaboard Diving In Komodo

1. Be Prepared to Dive in Komodo

Komodo is known as one of the best dive destinations in Indonesia. Though, it’s important to be prepared for the conditions before you go on your liveaboard. Make sure to research what diving conditions are like and how long dives last before booking your trip. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you get there!

2. Bring a Good Sleeping Bag

Warm water and being down for extended periods at a time makes sleeping difficult.

You’ll want a much longer sleeping bag than usual so that you can sleep comfortably throughout the night!

3. Leave Your Perfume at Home

The water is filled with salt so any perfume or cologne that you may use will only make your eyesight worse while underwater!

4. Consider an Advanced Open Water Certification Course

The best place to learn scuba diving is through an advanced open-water course and it’s worth doing if you plan on diving in Komodo or anywhere else in Indonesia because these courses are widely recognized by local dive shops across the country. You’ll also be able to earn some great certifications from this course which will make it easier for you when back home at work for your next vacation!

5. Get Cash Out If You Need It

If you need more cash out, consider taking out Rembukan, a local currency that’s pretty easy to understand and has a great exchange

10 Tips For Travelers Already On A Liveaboard Dive Trips In Komodo

– Know how to use your equipment.

– Pack plenty of warm layers for the dive boat ride.

– Be aware that you’ll need to carry all your gear from the dive boat to the diving site, so make sure you have enough space in your bag (and don’t forget any extra equipment you might need).

– Bring a hat and sunscreen.

– Get a mask bag or something to keep your mask safe and clean while on the boat.

– Book a liveaboard with breakfast included! It’s worth it to know that you’re getting full meals and not just snacks along with your dive trip.

– Wear shoes on top of your fins when coming back up if you’re worried about losing them. This helps prevent sand from getting inside them when they get lost during a descent or ascent.

– If you’re traveling with children, make sure they have their own life jacket and that they are wearing it properly. If possible, also bring their own snorkeling gear as well so they can learn how to do it before going on a liveaboard trip in Komodo!

10 Tips For Travelers After They Have Returned From A Liveaboard Dive Trip In Komodo

1. Take your time getting settled into the villas.

2. Ensure you have a good grip on dive skills before you go!

3. Be conscious of your surroundings and pay attention to what’s around you no matter where you are in the world.

4. Consider bringing a waterproof camera for underwater photography.

5. Bring an extra bag to carry all your gear in, just in case!

6. Pack lightly and be prepared to buy some additional items if needed at the airport or any other place you’ll be traveling from in Indonesia before your liveaboard dive trip in Komodo begins.

7. Remember that diving is not as easy as it looks! Divers who enter the water without proper training will likely die from decompression sickness if they stay too deep too long during their liveaboard dive trip in Komodo, so please make sure you’re up to speed with all the necessary information before signing up for a liveaboard diving experience in Indonesia!

8. Bring some wet wipes, sunblock, hair ties, and an underwater mask with interchangeable lenses or video goggles (if available) on board with you! You never know when someone might need these items while out exploring on board a liveaboard dive trip in Komodo!

9. Get yourself some motion sickness patches or tablets if necessary before going scuba diving on your next liveaboard dive trip in Komodo! It can’t be fun feeling sea-sick while exploring the

10 Tips For Travelers Before They Leave The Komodo Area.

1) Book your liveaboard trip as soon as possible.

Taking a liveaboard trip in Komodo can be quite expensive and time-consuming, especially for first-timers. Booking early makes it easier to secure the dates you want on an available boat so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Additionally, if you book early enough, you’ll likely get better rates than those offered in the last few months of the season.

2) Make sure your airline allows carry on luggage with SCUBA gear.

Some airlines will allow you to bring your own gear on board with no extra fees or additional restrictions, while others will charge a fee for each piece of SCUBA gear that’s being brought aboard. Make sure that you contact your airline ahead of time and make your travel arrangements accordingly because it could save you some money!

3) Consider renting SCUBA equipment before coming to Indonesia.

Though it may seem inconvenient to rent everything before traveling sometimes it’s worth getting what you need at home and then bringing it along with you so there are no hassles when packing for the trip. It’s also just more convenient in general when packing for a vacation is concerned because not only will you have fewer bags to worry about but everything is already set up and ready to go!

4) Read reviews on different liveaboard boats in Komodo before booking one!

This might sound like common sense but I’m including

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