Cool google tricks which helps us for informations

Google tricks like, “Sunrise Sunset” gives you the sunrise and sunset times for today. You can easily find out when the sun will rise and go on that day. For example: “ sunrise and sunset New Delhi ” Gives you the sunrise and sunset times for New Delhi; “ sunrise New Delhi ” allows you to view only the sunrise times in New Delhi; and “ sunset new Delhi ” allows you to see only sunset times for New Delhi.

Get sunrise and sunset times

Get stock quotes

“Warehouse” allows you to view the latest stock prices in real-time. You can also just write the name of the stock to find out its price, for example, ” GOOG ” to find out the price of Google shares. For example: ” stock item ” or ” GOOG ” Provides the current market rate for Google stock. However, if you use the company name and not its stock name, you will have to use the “stock” modifier. Also, note that stock prices are mostly updated but should not be used as an alternative to market rates.

Track Courier Packages

Google can help you track your packages by entering the tracking number directly into the search field. Currently only supported for UPS, FedEx, and USPS packages; and shows you the status of your shipment with a rich text snippet. For example, A search query containing the tracking number “ 1Z9999W9999999999 ” will show you the status of your package.

Get flight status and search for flights easily

Flight allows you to receive real-time latest flight information on any flight identified by flight code or flight number. flight to can be used to get a list of flights from one location to another along with their prices. For example: “ flight BA1491 ” displays the real-time status of British Airways flight 1491; and “ flight New York to Paris ” allows you to view flights for travel from New York to Paris.

Google Search Tricks to getting Information Effectively

Know your IP address

The IP address typed in the search bar shows your current IP address as obtained by Google. For example: ” IP address ” Lists as my computer’s IP address.

Get information about movies

Google can present data in a variety of ways, and the best way is the Knowledge Graph which can tell information about many things, including movies. For example: ” titan casts ” Shows information about the casts of the Titanic; ” titanic budget ” Shows budget information; ” titanic characters ” Shows its characters and their real names; and ” titanic director Get the name of your director, etc. Now, google new tricks gives information to us. Like fun facts or i m feeling curious

Get Tourist Spots

Google can list tourist attractions for any place in the world if you start your search by starting with the word “attractions ” and then entering the name of the city or postal code of the locality. For example: ” New Delhi Attractions ” or ” New Delhi Attractions” List attractions in New Delhi; and ” 10001 Attractions ” List of tourist places in New York.

Get information about celebrities and personalities

Google may list various public information about numerous celebrities and personalities. You just want to know something new about your favorite celebrity. For example, “ Mahatma Gandhi Height Lists the height of our Father of the Nation; “ bacon number Amitabh Bachchan ” shows the bacon number for Amitabh Bachchan; and “ Emma Watson age ” tells the age of the handsome actor from the Harry Potter series. Also, read it.

Get information about celebrities and personalities

Get nutrition information

Google is smart enough to show nutritional information for food searches such as mangoes, chocolates, etc. This information includes calories, vitamins, fats, etc. For example searches for ” banana ” or ” chocolate cake ” Produces their own nutritional information.

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