Benefits of Proportional Air Pressure Regulator

For decades mechanical air pressure valve were used for management of air pressure. The mechanical devices are still being used today by people who are unaware of the proportional air pressure regulator equipment. The mechanical regulators require constant monitoring and human interference to function properly. These air regulators are only feasible to use as long as the inlet pressure of air in a pneumatic system is stable. Now there are certain advantages of using the proportional pressure regulators that we have discussed in this post. If you are wondering whether you should use the digital equipment or not then you should read on.

First you should know that proportional air pressure regulator equipment can be called a modified version of the conventional solenoid valves. The conventional solenoids are replaced by the proportional ones which contribute in balancing the spring force with respect to the input signals given by the operator. The electronic pressure regulator can simply improve the position accuracy of the spring and spool which results in accurate pressure management.

What are the pros of using proportional air pressure regulator equipment?

Out of many benefits we have discussed here the most popular ones for your knowledge:

Less friction and blockage 

You must know that the low flow electronic pressure regulator is designed in such a way that it eliminates any kind of friction which is commonly faced by air or other fluids in the mechanical control valves. The digital equipment ensures that the flow of fluids is not compromised due to any blockage of friction. This is a big advantage of proportional air pressure regulator over mechanical ones.

Robust and Armature design 

An important point that you need to note is that the design of the electronic pressure regulators is stronger than the mechanical equipment. The proportional regulator uses a single armature design which provides frictionless performance. In the past people had to worry about damages to the mechanical valves due to high pressure of air or other fluids but with the robust design of the proportional air pressure regulator you don’t have to care about this problem anymore.

Cheaper and low maintenance 

A very big benefit of digital pressure regulator equipment is that it is cheaper than the mechanical devices which were used in the past. In the past you had to buy expensive mechanical regulators and also spend time and money on their constant repairs and maintenance. The service life of the old regulator models is also less than two to three years which is why you need to constantly keep replacing them. This is not the problem with proportional air pressure regulator as they are cheap to buy and you must also know that these regulators have a service life of over thirty years.

End words

There are many more benefits of using the electronic regulators over the mechanical ones. The key to enjoying the advantages of electronic pressure regulator valves is to ensure that you are using the right model that is required for your application. You can know more about the pros of modern equipment when you start using them.

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