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Dillon & Denis are a fashion blogging duo, who have been working together since they were 10 years old. They’ve been actively blogging their love for fashion and accessories for almost a year now and have already amassed a loyal following of fashion lovers. Their blog, Form + Function, is a combination of their two favorite things, fashion, and blogging. It’s a combination that works for them, so you’ll almost certainly find the style of Dillon & Denis on this blog. You’ll also find updates from their recent trips to New York City, Paris, and several other beautiful places around the world.

What is Dillon & Denis’s Style?

Dillon & Denis’s style is characterized by an enthusiasm for classic, refined, elegant silhouettes and details, beautiful materials, and well-worn, everyday textures. They usually work with white and black, but sometimes go with brown, grey, burgundy, and red.

How do Dillon & Denis Style?

For their style, Dillon & Denis always look for inspiration from the past, in their family history, and the history of their favorite brands.

For example, the Coats & Jackets section of their blog is filled with postcards from around the world, displaying the beautiful textures and details that make each garment unique.

Why do Dillon & Denis Style?

For inspiration, Dillon & Denis turn to the history of popular fashion influences, such as Coco Chanel and Monique Lhuillier, to create timeless, yet modern pieces. Their love for vintage clothing and shoe designs is evident in their blog, where they frequently feature wear that features attention-grabbing silhouettes, bright colors, and seasonal design details.

Another reason Dillon & Denis’s style is so appealing is the fact that it’s effortlessly elegant.

Favorite Accessories of Dillon & Denis

For essential accessories for any style, we have a list of the six accessories that Dillon & Denis love the most.

Vintage Handbags

The reason? Because they’re the perfect accessories for any outfit, no matter what you’re wearing.

For example, the Watch section of their blog features vintage watches that are adorned with beautiful, if simple, details. Similarly, the Style Guide, which is located in the Acknowledgements section, uses a different typeface to indicate the different eras represented.


One of the most versatile accessories you can own, hats come in various head sizes, styles, and materials. You can wear them with many outfits, but they’re especially great as an accessory that can be dressed up or down.

For example, you can wear a hat for a casual chat, a party hat, or even for daily wear. It’s an open-ended accessory, which means you can wear it with anything — no matter how casual or formal your outfit, a hat can make it look like you’re from a different era.


Bags provide storage space, but they’re also a great accessory to add personality to your look. For example, if you’re someone who loves to travel, a travel bag is an essential accessory that can be used every day or for special occasions.

You can also find bags made from durable canvas or leather, as well as modern, chic designs. Classic handbags are a must-have, but there are so many beautiful options these days that you can find bags that are both classic and fashionable.

New York City, Paris, and Other Beautiful Places

New York City, Paris, and several other beautiful cities are home to clothing lines owned by Dillon & Denis. Here are a few highlights from their travels:

I’ve always wanted to work for an American company, and this is a perfect opportunity to prove that I can do the job and make a contribution to the brand. This was also my first time using the American Eagle website, and I love it. The customer service is great, the selection is amazing, and the prices are very reasonable.

Tokyo: I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo, and now that I’m here, I can’t get over how amazing it is. The city is so diverse and has such a rich history, and the architecture and costumes are incredible. I’ve never been to Tokyo, but I plan on going again and again.

Travel and Comfort Objects of Dillon & Denis

When it comes to comfort and travel items, Dillon & Denis are neatdroppers. Comfort items such as reading chairs, beds, and sofas are always an investment. You can never have too many of these items, as they can easily become stretched or broken over time.

Travel items like hotel safes, travel mugs and travel electric blankets are an investment that you never know when you’ll need them.

Their Fashion Blog

Both Dillon & Denis’s blogs feature a variety of different style topics, such as bags, belts, shoes, clothing, beauty products, skincare products, and more. You’ll also find a lot of inspiration for your own personal style from the fashion bloggers on this blog. The blog is organized into several sections, including a style section, occasional reviews of local beauty stores, and home decor.

How Do You Create A Style Blog?

When you first start out, your blog may seem like a completely different thing to all of your friends. However, as you grow in experience and popularity, the blog will start to feel like a second family to you. Growing a style blog takes serious dedication, but if you put in the work, it can be done.

Where Did the Style Blog Start?

Both Pinterest and Instagram were major inspirations for the design and layout of the style blog. The beauty of a style blog is that you can start from nothing and create a blog that reflects your personality and style. The only rule you need to keep in mind is that your blog must reflect form + function, or else you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice.

The Importance of a Styled Life

Staying motivated and inspired to create great content is key to creating a strong style blog. You have to have a theme or topic that you’re passionate about, and make sure to post content that speaks to that. Remember, your blog is a window to your world, so keep it flowing!

Final Words

If you’re still struggling to create a style blog, or you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our list of the best blogs to start your own. We’ve included blogs from both professional bloggers, and those just starting out, so you’ll find a variety of experiences and inspiration to get you started.

From creating a great header image to choosing the perfect photo for your blog post, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our blog, you can also check out other great blogs by visiting our blog section. You’ll find a plethora of great style blogs, all created by beautiful fashion bloggers just like you. This is the perfect place to find inspiration for your own personal style, and find a style that perfectly matches your personality.

That’s it. We hope you enjoy your style blog and can take some inspiration from it!


Dillon & Denis are a fashion blogging duo from the Pacific Northwest who specialize in creating beautiful custom, eyewear. They have a simple and genuine approach to fashion, which makes their blog a joy to read.

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